i really like it when i read your fics that are really short and compact but somehow it still manages to convey everything that needs to be said, either if the thought is mixed in the narrative or written. it usually takes me more energy to read fics with long paragraphs and yours is very refreshing to read!!

Oh thank god. I always worry that my fics are too short? Or that I’m not conveying enough of what’s in my head?

Like, I love short fic too, but some of my absolute favorites are long fic and I will go back and reread them because of their encompassing imagery and swooping emotionalism and I’m just like: I cannot do that. I do not have the attention span for it.

And it always feels like when I try to do it it comes off as pedantic or overly descriptive? Like… yes, we know this person has this color hair, don’t do that.

In my heart, I want to one day write a super long in depth epic, but in my head I know I enjoy writing short slices of life where the feelings are subtly intertwined with, like, the way people take their tea.

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