In Reminder to Sleep, Orochimaru’s curse seal is an implant that forcibly snaps the collar bone as it goes in, I think. And I’d bet that all those little white snakes making up the giant snake he’s become are pieces of an AI he’s become. Maybe destructive analysis of his own brain to make the pattern? But what does the implant /do/? What could it do, in this AU?

… is the collar bone snapping functional or there for a reason? Is that what the curse seal does in canon?! Dang, I missed that detail.

I think it’s probably a virus that can corrupt cybernetics or the connection between organic and normal implants. I mean, why mess with success, right? It’s basically what the curse seal does in canon.

Although I don’t think Orochimaru would feature much in this AU, given that Remember To Sleep is a Shikako and Naruto centric story and, this is weird to say, but I think Orochimaru would be more successful in this AU than he was in the shinobi world.

As a character/person, his motivation was to become immortal so that he could reunite with his parents when they reincarnate. So creating the strongest body via experimenting on bloodlines and such all ties back to that. Him being discovered and run out of Konoha is because he violated the village’s philosophy/culture–I’m not saying he would have been accepted in any other of the big five villages (Cloud does want more bloodlines, and Mist at that time wasn’t exactly smiles and cupcakes) but that’s more a problem of a politics? Basically what I’m saying is that the circumstances were unfavorable for Orochimaru’s personality and goals.

In a world of AI and robotics and cybernetics, he doesn’t need to push as hard to achieve his goals. Yes, he probably does unethical experimentation, but it’s not as comparatively extreme in this ‘verse, it’s a situation better suited for him.

Also, he’s not going after Sasuke in particular since he’s not the last Uchiha in this ‘verse anymore so… he wouldn’t have that same relationship to the Lucky Sevens. Maybe instead it would lean against the Minato v Orochimaru rivalry for Hokage sort of thing–not, necessarily, that there is a Hokage role that they both competed for, but that they were both working in the same field (advanced AIs/androids) and they were constantly one-upping each other.

Maybe Orochimaru is the morally sketchy figure who knows some piece of information otherwise lost to the world, but won’t tell them unless they do him a favor?

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