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There is a story of a young goddess who comes to the earth in the form of a golden bird, then, a woman of unparalleled beauty.

She meets a prince of noble heart and they fall in love, but alas she cannot stay, she must return to her home in the heavens.

The prince beseeches her to choose earth, to choose him, to choose love, and for the length of one moonless night she considers it.

But ultimately the decision is not up to her, nor is it the prince’s, for there are two more characters in this story:

The goddess’ heavenly handmaiden, sent to watch over her mistress, and the prince’s loyal bodyguard, stalwart but severe.

There are three endings to this story–all of them dependent on the dance between handmaiden and bodyguard during that long moonless night.

Every day, it seems, you are reminded of how powerless you are. Always two steps behind and one to the left. Everything, even yourself, designed around her and her desires. Clothing and food, activities and lighting.

In the summer, you carry a parasol to protect her complexion from the sun. When it rains the umbrella in your hand is to keep her dry. Music is always set to her rhythm, not yours.

This is how it’s been your entire life.

She has power over you and doesn’t seem to be aware. If you ask for a favor, you make yourself vulnerable–she may choose to be generous, or she may reprimand you for being so daring. She does not ask you for favors, she gives you commands.

This entire sojourn has been a misadventure from beginning to end, and you know when you return it will not be her skin beneath the lash or even her neck below the blade.

This is your first time on earth, too. You are also a goddess.

And yet.

Tonight your mistress has gone to her mortal, and there is no moon tonight. There is no one but yourself to know these truths. Your actions are safe from prying eyes.

Or so you think.


A/N: … sometimes you get to make your everyday problems sound super flowery and beautiful and pretend like they’re not your problems at all!

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