yknow, with that anon said about inokako flowershop/tattoo parlor and sai, i feel like he would be the most blatant-speaking third wheel (unless it’s sai/ino/kako??? oh wait he’ll still be blunt) who would be the definition of KY (which means kuuki yomenai or can’t read the situation). yep. i support this au so much.

Hahaha, basically 🙂 You know if this were to be actually written, Sai’s POV would be the funniest to read.

“And then Ino-senpai went across the street to borrow extra pens, even though we already have many pens in different colors. It took Ino-senpai twenty seven minutes to return, which is highly inefficient, and she did not even have a pen with her.”

… hrm, I don’t know if I have Sai’s voice down.

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