out of the stories and verses you’ve made during the fake summary fic period, which are the ones that you would continue? (or would like to see being asked more about?? though that can go for your other verses too)

Hm, see the thing is, there’s a difference between me wanting to see an idea be continued/written (by someone else) versus me wanting to continue/write an idea versus wanting to develop the idea some more via asks…

So I went through the giant list of the ask box fake fic titles event posts (under the cut) and split them into the three different categories and this is going to be a long rambling post, anon. But I’m really happy you asked it because I did kind of want to do an overview of the event because that was A LOT of stories and ‘verses that got generated over the past six weeks.

Also, I kind of want to see reader feedback about what stories and ‘verses everyone liked best. Anyway, here’s “writer’s choice” for now:

A) Would like to see someone else continue:

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)
Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) **
All You Have To Do (Is Stay) **
the dark side of the moon

For Miracle and the dark side of the moon it’s more that I would like to see the directions that JJ1293 and the others go with for the pre!Kako ‘verse and where the other writers (including @donapoetrypassion) who already have ROOT!Shikako fics go with theirs. I like the ideas, but I more like what others can do with them.

Colorblind I’m pretty sure has to exist somewhere–the HP fandom is too big and too prolific for it not to–but if it doesn’t (because it is, admittedly, the “B-sides” of what would be the main story revolving around Slytherin!Harry) it’s still an idea I think someone else can do a lot better than I can.

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin) is almost entirely Kakashi’s POV which I’ve previously disclosed as being THE MOST DIFFICULT for me so… would love to read it, but cannot, for the life of me, write it.

** Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) and All You Have To Do (Is Stay) are both in “would like to see someone else continue” and “would like to continue myself” because I think, in a perfect world, these would be pretty fantastic collaborative fics. Well, MS(bimt) would just be a collection of different authors focussing on different characters and less actual collaboration. But AYHTD(IS) would be active collaboration. And maybe different realities are different authors, but getting those to mesh together would require active collaboration.

B) Would like to continue myself (in a world where I were good at following up on fic ideas and didn’t have commitment issues or writer’s block/anxiety)

Rust and Parallel
Desperate Endeavors
In The Absence of Heroes
Freedom’s Just Another Word
Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) **
Call On Your Angels
All You Have To Do (Is Stay) **

B2) Would like to develop idea / world build more via asks

Strong In The Real Way
Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation
Remember To Sleep

Rust and Parallel are both in my Iron Will ‘verse anyway so… I ought to develop that series properly. Straight up, I think I just need to marathon the series and just do it. JUST DO IT! But…

Desperate Endeavors I’m a little bit worried will be too similar to Lies Beyond The Morning and also has Kakashi. But I think so long as I don’t go into Kakashi POV overly much and frame it less as a mind trip and more of a run/escape mind heist it should be okay?

In The Absence of Heroes I know is probably one of the less popular posts from this event, but I’m inordinately fond of it? Probably because I love the Lost Kids way more than I like the Descendants movie, and the idea of putting them in a setting where they can grow into themselves properly is just so appealing to me. Also, the idea of Old Ben Kenobi having this herd of moody teenagers and NOT HAVING THEM FALL VICTIM TO CREEPY ASS PALPATINE is just so nice. A little bit redemption for everyone?

Freedom’s Just Another Word, I swear to god, is my favorite post and I can’t believed I messed up the posting for it so that it didn’t come out when people were expecting. Please, go check it out if you haven’t seen it. I can only dream of being witty and imaginative enough to make the FJAW that I see in my mind’s eye… ah, dang, does this title have JAW in it?! That’s hilarious. Though I’m worried that because Mist is so unknown that it’s too open a sandbox for me to play with. I work better with distinct frames, I think.

Call On Your Angels I just really like Atlantis The Lost Empire and “assemble the crew” movies.

Tamed, Strong In The Real Way, Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation, and Remember To Sleep are very expansive AU fusions so most of those respective posts have been more about world building than a plot outline. I’ve already gotten a lot of asks which has helped me figure out both the world and the plots a little, but I don’t think I know enough yet to say whether or not I’d want to continue these four stories.

Anyway, if you’ve gotten this far–I’m impressed! How did everyone else like this event? Which stories and ‘verses were your favorite? Would anyone be interested in doing this event again in the future?

1) Miracle
2) When The Dawn Is Still Dark
3) Colorblind
4) Rust
5) Above the Abyss
6) /I Am Your Lionheart
7) Nevertheless, She Persisted
8) And Way Down We Go
9) Babysitting
10) Desperate Endeavors
11) /Blitzkrieg
12) Tamed
13) Seven Deadly Sins
14) Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind
15) /What You Thrive For
16) Spin Me A Song (In The Shadows Of Death)
17) In The Absence Of Heroes
18) close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)
20) /I’m Here
21) Parallel
22) the song remains the same
23) Strong In The Real Way
24) Freedom’s Just Another Word
25) Insuperable
26) blood and earth (not theory and chalk)
27) //we were the kings and queens of promise
28) Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth)
29) Bridge Over Troubled Water
30) Call On Your Angels
31) The Bustle In A House
32) The Homework
33) All You Have To Do (Is Stay)
34) An (Almost) Relaxing Day
35) Pro Patria Mori
36) find me where the wild things are
37) the dark side of the moon
38) Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation
39) Remember To Sleep
40) Delicacy In Layers
41) when the fire’s at my feet again
42) We Built This City

The ones with / or // are not really brainstorms so much as rants dancing around the fake fic title.

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