Ah, sorry about the I am a Rock prompts. o///o I tried thinking of a new prompt, and all I’ve got is (yet another) song reference, which I feel kind of bad about: “We Built This City”.

It’s nothing to apologize for, anon! They were beautiful ideas as is, I just couldn’t really contribute anything to them.

As for this new prompt, I like it! 😀

I know this is future fic, but I can’t decide how far in the future–is this just post-canon or is this already the whereabouts of next generation’s time? So I guess I’ll give vague approximations for both…

The post-canon fic would be the Konoha Thirteen basically breaking the Konoha Council (as a governing system, not literally breaking the elderly) and trying to figure out how to adapt a military society into the type of government that “world peace” should inspire.

… and kind of losing themselves to the politics and bureaucracy and intricate, inherited complications that they can’t just completely abandoned. And then I want them to look up and realize that they’ve become the very thing they were trying to avoid, all the scheming and machinations and battling of influence.

For some reason the analogy I’ve come up with is, it’s as if they are the Olympians of Greek Mythology. They’ve gone through so much, hurt each other so often, so many slights and petty arguments and jealousies, and then they just stop and remember–hey, remember when we were young gods, when we were fresh out of battle, high on victory of overthrowing the titans and no longer having to be afraid for our lives.

Why can’t we go back to that time?

And so the fic is partially that downward slide to bitterness but mostly the almost desperate crawl back up to who they wanted to be?

And then for the next gen fic it’d be a “who is going to be the next Hokage” kind of thing. How will the Hokage–strongest in the village, able to bolster the village’s reputation with their own–be chosen amongst the next gen. Because on the one hand, they’re all basically juggernauts. But on the other, they’re peace time children.

And, also, who even wants to be Hokage? I know canon!Sarada wants to be which, I mean, hell yeah. But will my prediction for “DoS!Sarada” (in quotes because I’m not sure if she’ll even exist, especially given I’m pretty sure SQ doesn’t want to touch that with a ten foot pole) feel the same?

Will next gen go one step further than their parents and consider the Hokage position obsolete? Or, at least, the qualifications for it. Do they just do a tournament, then? Do they make it a rotating position that has to be battled for every five years? Do they nose goes for it?!

I have no idea.

We Built This City

It takes a village to raise a child.

What can children do to the village in turn?

Sorry anon, these are pretty vague :/


And that’s the last for the Ask Box Fake Fic Titles Event, everyone! Thanks for participating with me. I hope you all enjoyed 🙂

A list of all the posts in this event is under the cut (if I can, I’ll try to put direct links, though they’re all tagged with “ask box fake fic titles” or their respective title:

1) Miracle
2) When The Dawn Is Still Dark
3) Colorblind
4) Rust
5) Above the Abyss
6) /I Am Your Lionheart
7) Nevertheless, She Persisted
8) And Way Down We Go
9) Babysitting
10) Desperate Endeavors
11) /Blitzkrieg
12) Tamed
13) Seven Deadly Sins
14) Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind
15) /What You Thrive For
16) Spin Me A Song (In The Shadows Of Death)
17) In The Absence Of Heroes
18) close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)
20) /I’m Here

21) Parallel
22) the song remains the same
23) Strong In The Real Way
24) Freedom’s Just Another Word
25) Insuperable
26) blood and earth (not theory and chalk)
27) //we were the kings and queens of promise
28) Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth)
29) Bridge Over Troubled Water
30) Call On Your Angels
31) The Bustle In A House
32) The Homework
33) All You Have To Do (Is Stay)
34) An (Almost) Relaxing Day
35) Pro Patria Mori
36) find me where the wild things are
37) the dark side of the moon
38) Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation
39) Remember To Sleep
40) Delicacy In Layers
41) when the fire’s at my feet again
42) We Built This City

Oh, wow, 42?! No wonder it feels like I’ve forgotten how to write and not just brainstorm–I’ve done over a month’s worth!

The ones with / or // are not really brainstorms so much as rants dancing around the fake fic title.

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