oh wow, i was the anon that asked for the reminder to sleep ‘verse and i love how it turned from fluff prompt to full on au, this definitely cheered me up especially since i had a bad day yesterday. thanks!! wish i had more to contribute, but all i could think about is that Shikako in your Reminder to Sleep au reminds me a lot of Austen from a webcomic called Always Human. this is a minor question, but would the mood of the story be dark or calm/tranquil-ish like Always Human or something else?

I’m glad this helped out, anon! 😀

I haven’t read Always Human, but I’ll be sure to check it out.

Hm, let’s see… tone wise I don’t think it’ll be too dark since the main point of the story is for Naruto and Shikako to enrich each other’s lives. There’s a sweetness there, of Shikako rediscovering the world through Naruto’s eyes, and becoming better people not for each other but because of each other.

And, also, for the horrifying things wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the mood were originally dark >:)

So I guess its more I, Robot or Bicentennial Man than Blade Runner? But I’m not really basing it off of something in particular so much as a generic cyberpunk sci-fi future. I’ve been wanting to play around in that sandbox, but it always seemed a bit daunting, so your prompt let me find an entry point for it.

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