Someone on the forums was talking about some Zombie Apocalypse thing, and it just hit me how much I really want a ZombieApocalypse!AU. Like, Walking Dead/Last of Us-esque. 5 gangs (5 nations) of humans trying to survive their city being overrun by zombies (now I’m imagining Tokyo Ghoul for whatever reason?? What is my brain even..)

I wrote that zombie ask just as I was halfway through the first post, haha. I know it’s an overly done AU, as someone said, but the aspects of it are still so interesting to me. (I love Pokemon!Zombie Apocalypse!AUs!! Those were super interesting to RP/think about) If you don’t mind, I’d love any brainstorm of a ZA!DoS?? Aaaa *u*

… cool? Thanks for letting me know? I’m unsure what to do with this ask, since the ask box event is over and this isn’t even a title, but uh…

I have briefly contemplated about zombies/undead in the Naruto universe, and how the Edo Tensei might have consequences in the future and how the Next Gen might focus more on that since “world peace” means the villages aren’t fighting against each other anymore. It was also prompted by a Tokyo Ghoul ask, so hopefully this helps out?

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