“reminder to sleep”, narukako (it can be the waking up starstruck verse or some team bonding!!), dos; thank you!!

This is a sci-fi!AU. It has to be.

Sleep is such a natural biological imperative that unless it’s a literal matter of insomnia (which doesn’t lead to much) or divinity/jinchuuriki status making it unnecessary. But even then, aren’t there poetic thoughts about gods and monsters sleeping?

So sci-fi. More specifically robots/androids/cyborgs. Even more specifically, Naruto as an impossible android and Shikako as a genius robotics engineer (and Sasuke from a family with OP cybernetic eyes who may be the corrupt police force behind the company that illegally funded/created/enslaved Naruto?)

And we can even put in insomnia with workaholic!engineer!Shikako and divinity/jinchuuriki status if you do the whole “deus ex machina” and what are the bijuu in this ‘verse anyway? Ghost code? Sentient AI? Unstoppable viruses?

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of “what does it mean to be human, anyway?”

Of course its revealed that Naruto was actually human but his parents had to upload his mind/replace his entire body with machinery because… Kyuubi?


Sci-fi domestic shenanigans! Naruto not being very good at housework because he doesn’t need to eat and he’s lived in the labs/basement without stuff. Shikako being okay at housework but not really having much time because SCIENCE! But eventually they develop a rhythm.

Shikako decreasing her workaholic tendencies because, hey, its not fair that Naruto has never done *insert normal activity here* so they go out to the park or to the ocean etc. etc. She goes home for dinner for the first time in months(?) and while her family doesn’t presume he’s her boyfriend, they do think he’s good for her.

Although Shikaku does stare at Naruto like he’s seeing a ghost. (He looks an awful lot like another genius robotics engineer he once knew, and maybe Shikaku’s worried his daughter might go down that same path. Although I’m not yet sure what that path was…)

Here’s a summary:

Remember To Sleep

In which there are no electric sheep, but maybe androids do dream.

Or, Naruto has hopes and a hoard of mysteries, Shikako works for a brighter future, and somehow, someway, they meet in the middle.

(Please ask me questions about this ‘verse, everyone, because I want to know more about it too but I sometimes don’t develop headcanons until my brain is stimulated and I really don’t know what direction to go in for this because there are so many possibilities…)

… AH! I JUST REALIZED I READ YOUR PROMPT WRONG! It’s reminder not remember! Sorry, anon!

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