My first thought on reading the idea of a person in a ceremonial deer mask was something like, “Why would Kakashi be involved in this sort of…?” Because, for some reason, my brain thought for a second that only Kakashi ever wore masks. Or, following that chain of logic, every person in a mask is actually Kakashi.

Hahahaha! 😀

As soon as you put on a mask, you’ve joined the Kakashi hive mind: Kakashi is all, all are Kakashi.

Maybe it’s a running joke in ANBU–any unidentified masked people are called Kakashi, and while eventually it becomes a sort of “oh, of course, scarecrows that makes sense” the truth is it’s referring to the one, the only, infinite masks himself.

I am now wondering about a Majora’s Mask fusion/crossover, but unsure where I’d go with that…

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