I.. had the weirdest dream of Shikako and Shikamaru as the two main leads in the Barbie: Princess and the Pauper film (my childhood!! Haha) I legit had the entire film play in my sleep. It was oddly satisfying/amusing. (I actually went to rewatch the movie when I woke up. Super cringey CGI, but still enjoyable haha. The songs are stuck in my head for whatever reason) (Also… Princess&Pauper!AU prompt? Just to make this ask relevant haha. (You can ignore this if you want))

Cool? Not one of my own childhood movies, but I was always fond of how the Barbie movie franchise looked at any and all fairy tales and was like–hell yeah, we’re doing that somehow. Doesn’t matter if there aren’t any female characters traditionally, stick a heroine in that story.

Can’t really think of how a Princess/Prince&Pauper!AU would work because who looks enough like someone else to… 

Oh, wait… Sasuke and Sai?

Maybe that’s Sai’s fairy tale origin in Tamed?

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