“ALL YOU HAVE TO DO (IS STAY)” WHAT THE FFCCKKCK. WHAT THE HECK. I FEEL VERY MENTALLY STRESSED OUT AND EXHAUSTED JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT SUMMARY. (The things we do to Shikako. :( Jfc it tripped me THe fuck up. This precious child. (I actually would lOVE to read this verse because it sounds like so much SUFFERING. (I swear I love Shikako.)))



Like. It’s stressful but it’s also kind of fun?

I would really recommend reading Watches ‘verse (unless BBC Sherlock is not your thing, understandable, given the way it’s gone downhill, though this fic was written before said swan dive), because it has the same sort of mental gymnastics that really good time travel fic does but… without time travel.

I think I’d put her fourth reality as a Fire Temple monk, though. Just for that well of calm and serenity because four lives in the possible vicinity of Danzo is TOO MUCH, and I also like the idea of the monks figuring out something’s going on with her but not saying anything until it becomes a danger to her. Because monks, or at least the Fire Temple versions (not those awful Jashin monks), are great. And being able to explore the world of Naruto and ninjutsu and militaristic societies from a culture of pacifism might be a fun exercise in world building/analysis.

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