“Hanabi loses some dignity,” lol. I feel like Hanabi has dignity coming out of her ears, losing a little basically doesn’t hurt her at all. Like, she hates it, desperately, and mourns every little shred of dignity that is cruelly torn from her grasp, but usually gains something a little more useful to her than a little extra dignity in a child who could shame the pope with regards to how dignified she is.

Oh, yeah, her losing some dignity is actually a good thing in this case. She has, if possible, too much dignity. Has this child ever laughed out loud? No, she’s too dignified, too much pressure from the Hyuuga clan. But you know what? That’s not the way of Konoha.

Also, I kinda like the idea of Hanabi ending up like covered in paint or something and everyone stares at her worried she’s going to explode in anger, but she just starts laughing.

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