this is weird but i enjoy reading any dos au by you, even if i don’t ship the ship (if it’s about a ship thing) but enjoy the general stuff too!! my favorite au so far is the friendship is a mutual con verse!!

It’s not weird at all–or if it is, then I must be weird for being flattered! It’s one of those “how much do writers write for themselves or because of their readers” matters: A lot of my readers are here because of my DoS stuff, so they prompt more DoS stuff so I generate more and its a very cyclical, sustained process. If there were less prompts for DoS then I’d probably stray into other fandoms more often or work on some of my original fic–not because I enjoy those more than DoS stuff, but because I have a problem focusing and committing to any one thing at a time unless prompted. 


Thanks, anon! I’m glad you like my brainstorms 🙂 When it comes to ships I think I enjoy them more as the character equivalent of crossovers/fusions than as actual romantic relationships. So more of a “how do these two characters get along” than a “I want these two characters to smooch.” Whether that’s because I’m aro-ace or because I love world-building and “ship-building” is a step away from that, I’m not sure…

Friendship is a (Mutual) Con ‘verse is heavily based on the show Leverage which I cannot recommend more (it’s on both Netflix and Hulu) 

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