!!!!! Feel free to ignore this but none of my friends or siblings read DoS and I just!!!! This latest chapter!! My poor baby Shikako!!! She needs warmth and hugs and hot chocolate please.

OMG, tell me about it, I love reading DoS but I also get secondhand stressed out. Shikako! Just… just stay put for a little bit, please. Just. Have another spa day with Ino, please. I am so concerned. So concerned.

Have you checked out the We’re all just Dreaming of Sunshine forum? Everyone can gather and be worried for Shikako together 🙂


Hi anon, welcome! 🙂 Chapter 131 is pretty compelling isn’t it?

I do take prompts here (though less frequently outside of a specific ask box event) but not really like that. Hm… how do I put it… it’s more like AUs or canon divergence or hypothetical futures. I’m not really much one for companion pieces especially not when they’re meant to be canonical but outside!POV.

Mostly because I’m hesitant to do anything very close to canon, but also because my flights of fancy tend toward world building and outside!POV in a canon setting doesn’t give much opportunity for that.

Although, I’m sure there have already been some ficlets cropping up in the forum, so I’d recommend checking that out. Or Heliocentrism which is the community for DoS related fic.

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