are you still doing the fake fic challenge? if so, how about dos shikako/sasuke, “we were the kings and queens of promise”?? thanks!

Here’s the thing, anon: I cannot help but automatically relate that song to the Chronicles of Narnia.

Literally, cannot unstick that connection in my brain. It’s on my Once Then Always fanmix for a reason.

So this prompt is definitely Team Seven in Narnia fulfilling the prophecy to overthrow the White Witch. I already touched on it a little over here but I suppose I could go in more depth about this.

Then again, that’d just be me rehashing Once Then Always but with DoS Team Seven instead of the Lost Kids from Descendants and at that point it’s just a matter of tweaking minor details to better match Team Seven, how do they get to Narnia, who (if anyone) would be the betrayer for power, what are their presents from Father Christmas (if any), who gets to be Magnificent vs Gentle vs Just vs Valiant (the answer to that is, in this order, Shikako, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto) etc. etc.

And that’s kinda… tedious.

Alternatively, the title does invoke King Arthur vibes in the sense that in the hour of the Elemental Nations’ greatest need they will return. Which had also been briefly touched on here.

I guess I can tweak that into BBC Merlin fusion/crossover? Except that chakra and ninjutsu are basically magic and that would get pretty problematic quite easily. And how would that even–Sasuke as Arthur and Shikako as Merlin? But that doesn’t really work?


Sorry, anon. I know this took me a while to get to and I didn’t even fill it properly :/

(I know I said the ask box is closed for this particular event, but if you want to send in a different prompt and hopefully I can do that one justice. No cheating, everyone else, just this one anon. The event is still closed.)

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