how would tourmaline feel about kyuubi? would it be in the same light as DOS? (yknow making her powerless, and chakra sensitivity and what not) and would naruto have a human friend that would be trained by tourmaline/obsidian/kakashi in a “do it for her” fashion?

Tourmaline!Shikako doesn’t have the same background with the Kyuubi as DoS!Shikako does, so mostly she’s just very confused by that weird glow in Naruto’s gemstone. Given her powers and her specialty, she make be able to sense the Kyuubi within his gemstone, but until Sasuke makes the connection between that ominous energy and the horrific forces that caused Home World to flee, she doesn’t know what it is.

Arguably, Kakashi is the human that trains himself to protect Naruto.

That being said, given the bijuu are Earth phenomenon, and humans are also Earth phenomenon the Konoha Twelve may have abilities of their own to help them fight though they aren’t nearly as powerful as their DoS versions. Also, I think they’re friends with Naruto. It’s probably because of the size of Beach City and the fact that he isn’t in school for some reason, but Steven seems awfully isolated. Naruto–raised only by Kakashi and his millions of dogs–is definitely enrolled in school.

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