Okay, you said you don’t know how Rockstar!Shikaara would have broken up but I do. Time, distance, and I Needed You. They fell in love by talking. Trading stories and thoughts that were transformed into songs. They fell in love in run down bars and smelly sound studios. Words held them together. But talking is so much harder over distance. At first it is good. The Sand Trio is only in the next city or the next state. Their “tours” are never more than one gas tank away. (1/?)

Gaara and Shikako like this. Neither are the type to cling so the distance works and they both understand how important Gaara’s music and Shikako’s research is to the other. But then the Sand Trio hits it big. The next city becomes the next state, the next time zone, the next country. They are still together but it is harder to talk. She is asleep when he calls and he is preforming when she texts. They find it easier just to wait for a good time. It relationships need to be worked at. (2/?)

Relationships need attention otherwise they wither. Not talking every day turns into calling once a week to once a month emails. It turns into seeing each other only if Gaara happens to be in town or Shikako goes to a conference where he is at. They still love each other, time doesn’t kill their feelings but things are slipping through the cracks. Times get tough (because the music industry is vicious and academia can be just as bad) and the distance is a wall. (3/?)

It gets worse because Gaara doesn’t realize that Shikako is not fine when she says she is fine. He doesn’t realize when Shikako begins to feel that she is giving more than she is getting. Gaara is oblivious to exactly how many times Shikako has said it is okay that he spends all his time away or record in a better studio hours away or accepted his apologies when an event made him miss their only chances to talk. Gaara doesn’t notice it but these things build. (4/?)

It’s not all Gaara’s fault. Shikako has always been bad at setting limits and telling people when things are a problem. She hints but Gaara misses them by a mile. It’s a slow death of a relationship. Tiny cuts over and over until a big thing hits and they can’t recover from it. That thing is a car accident that costs Shikamaru his arm. Shikako needed Gaara then. Needed him more than she has ever needed anyone. His cell is off and he doesn’t get her call until the next morning. (5/?)

He doesn’t get into town until 5 days after the accident. By then the worst of the waiting is over. Shikamaru will definitely live but those five days waiting in the hospital have crystallize every problem that their relationship has and magnified them. Shikako unloads at him. It is not pretty. Gaara is blindsided but he realizes she is telling the truth. He hasn’t been there for her. It doesn’t matter how much he loves her if at the end of the day, Shikako is alone in a hospital. (6/?)

((Part Seven Not Received?))

Gaara goes back to his motel room and thinks about his life. How everyone he has drifted away from everyone he loves. It hurts. He deals with the only way he knows how: music. His fans were surprised at the dark, somber tone of his next album. There was a lot of talk about what the songs meant. It frustrates Gaara. Nobody GETS it. Not really. He writes another song. It’s a plea, an impossible hope, a desperate longing. He pours all he has into it. Falling asleep after the first play through. 8/9

Gaara wakes up in a different place. Kankuro is nudging him and the bad lights of the student bar are achingly familiar. He is confused at first but soon it is clear that he actually traveled back in time. For a second chance. Shikako is sitting in the corner where he met her the first time. Scribbling away in that furious trance she gets into while studying. Gaara’s heart aches at just the sight of it. He doesn’t know what force brought him back but he is not going to let this go to waste. 9/9

… wow, anon, this was beautifully bittersweet. I mean it doesn’t exactly match the fake fic summary I wrote, but I like the vibe of it.

For some reason I didn’t receive part seven, so if you’d like to re-send that I can edit that in. Although… you know you don’t have to be anonymous to talk to me, right? You could have just made a post on your blog and tagged me in it so I could reblog it. 

But I appreciate this little ask box fic that you’ve sent me.

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