Song remains Anon: half the fun of these is seeing what not-the-obvious answer you come up with. Though time travel when nothing has gone wrong/can be fixed is an unusual take on the trope XD


Oh thank god. I’m just like… crap, there was a reference. Oh god. Why. End me now.

I’m glad my tangential brainstorms are entertaining, anon, because otherwise it’s just me ranting at myself and gesturing at my screen to nobody. 🙂

Time travel is my not-so-secret favorite trope and while I do love seeing it played out normally, I am especially fond of it when there are tweaks. Or when it’s not just a formulaic “do this instead of this and the future is saved.” There was no end of the world for Gaara to fix and there was no path for him to divert. Just the knowledge that things won’t stay the same.

Also, I not-so-secretly love sad things. 😀


Kinda? Well. I haven’t really thought about it too much considering it is an AU so far outside of canon that there is no easy one-to-one adaptation for it.

I mean it’s just an inevitability thing, I think. The Sand Trio wouldn’t be a band together forever: they’d end up breaking up because of an argument or drifting apart or literally someone dies. And given the state of the world in this AU deaths are a little harder to come by, and I don’t really see an argument breaking up this iteration of the Sand Siblings. So drifting apart feels the most natural for them.

As for the Shikaara relationship? Well I suuper don’t know for that.

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