‘The song remains the same’ rockstar!gaara AU

Ahahahaha, this is a great prompt anon. The problem is I would just use the title you’ve given me for the rockstar!AU. I mean maybe the only difference would be the implication that the rockstar!AU is somehow related to canon DoS?

Or, well… hm…

Maybe a Time Loop!AU of the rockstar!AU? Or maybe a post-breakup!rockstar!Gaara goes back in time to before the breakup (both with his siblings and with Shikako?) But that seems so sad!

Then again, I do love sad things.

the song remains the same

Five years after the breakup–both breakups, not that the media cared about one of them–Gaara wakes up the morning of the Sand Trio’s first official gig.

The same day he met Shikako.

And then it would basically be rockstar!AU except with additional time traveller!Gaara who is doing his utter best not to mess things up.

But he’s kinda conspicuous about it?

Then again, I don’t actually know what would have gone wrong enough to cause break ups considering this Gaara is not a sleep-deprived demon container and this is not a highly militaristic ninja world.

It could very well be that it’s not something he specifically did. Maybe he and his siblings just drifted apart–artistic differences and different opportunities becoming available for them. Temari went solo, Kankurou ended up doing a lot of collaborations with other artists, Gaara wrote music for movies and tv shows and musicals. So the breakup between the siblings would have been amicable.

But I really have no idea what would have gone down between Gaara and Shikako, then.

Was it a fame thing? A time thing? A misunderstanding? I have no idea, anon.

Anyway, time traveller!Gaara being really courteous and trying to change the future but in a less frantic way than Shikako in DoS. It kind of hurts my heart, though. In a fantastic way, because I do love sad things–let’s be honest here–and in this fic it would be Gaara trying so hard not to “make the same mistakes” but the problem is he didn’t MAKE any mistakes.

There’s no one point where Temari decided to go for her solo career instead of sticking with her brothers. Kankurou has always loved collaborations, it’s not something he chose as a second place or because he hated being in the Sand Trio.

Some relationships just don’t last.

Although maybe he does change his relationship with Shikako. Or, no, not MAYBE. He does. Because he’s a different person when they meet which means they’d have a different dynamic. Maybe not too different, but still changed.

The songs are the same, though. That’s all he has left of that previously timeline, the songs he carries with him, that he brought back. Because Shikako is the same, it’s him that’s different.

Although, maybe, to reflect that he writes other songs on top of those songs he brought back. And I suppose this fic would end with the Sand Trio’s last concert–and most of the songs are the same, but there are a few to reflect that Gaara has made changes.

Making sad headcanons about rockstar!AU, excellent prompt anon! 😀

edit: friiiiiiiick, I am clearly NOT CATCHING these references. did not make the led zeppelin connection until i was tagging this post. YOU WERE PROBABLY AIMING FOR A BEHIND THE SCENES THING WITH THE SAND TRIO? AAAAAAAAAAH, MY BAD ANON.

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