Fake fic: Shikako gets nightmares as she’s resting, and her chakra starts spiking as she’s facing whatever night terrors she has. It wakes everyone up. Much fluff ensues, please. (I was thinking, maybe it’s during a camp stop w her team? Also, I’m horrible with titles. Maybe “I’m Here”? Haha, you can take liberties w this.)

… I’m unsure if you understand the premise of the ask box event going on, anon. You give me a title and a very short theme/idea, then I come up with a summary and a general brainstorm/rant clarifying what the fake fic would be.

You appear to have given me the summary which doesn’t need much clarification and a title that you’re not all that keen on.

The only thing I can think of is:

I’m Here

Shikako goes to sleep knowing she’s not alone.

Sometimes that’s a good thing.

Sometimes it isn’t.

And then, like, I know you specified fluff but maybe it’s more of a meditation on Shikako’s humanity versus her burgeoning godhood. Not necessarily in an angsty way, but there is some melancholy on the “I’m possibly going to outlive everyone I love.”

Some scenes in which, as you mention, are her waking up from nightmares and her friends and family there to comfort her. Interspersed with scenes in which she’s in a dreamlike world, hearing the whispers of Gelel and the other spiritual entities. Except then you have wonder which is the dream–the memories of her loved ones or this strange possible future where she may, in fact, be a god.

Which I kind of already went over in the previous post so…

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