I’ve been reading through a lot of animal spirits/guides stuff, and horses have been big symbols of motivation, personal drive (one site said: “A driving force, what you thrive for or carries you in life”), freedom of expression, practicality, and all of that just screamed “Shikako” at me lol. (Random thought that I wanted to share, hope you don’t mind haha))

🙂 I’m guessing this isn’t a prompt for the fake fic titles ask box event, though I did briefly consider something like:

What You Thrive For

In order to improve Nagaoka the fawn’s battle ability, Shikako sends him to a place where ungulates have schools of magic.

Equestria will never be the same again.

Except… I don’t really know anything about My Little Pony so I can’t follow up on this.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, anon, and I hope you found this fake fic summary amusing. 😀

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