I love the implication that Konoha just jumped on the reality tv bandwagon because you can’t script anything weirder than whatever happens to Team 7, no matter the genre.

Well, given the trend of shinobi over time (actual shinobi world war to festival like chuunin exams) I wouldn’t be surprised if all the villages are joining in the media arms race.

Konoha has a bit of a head start seeing as how Team Seven were literally in a blockbuster movie, and not to mention that they’re the first ones to stumble into the reality tv format. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Actually, maybe different villages specialize in different formats? Konoha is tv documentary, Sand is animation–edit: The Muppets thanks @azersol, how could I be so foolish?–Cloud is musical competitions (ABDC and The Voice), etc. etc.

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