for the fake fic prompt, dreaming of sunshine, “spin me a song in the shadows of death”

… okay so I googled this and I could not figure out what this was from or what song these are lyrics out of so… um. Is this meant to a biblical reference to Psalm 23?

This is kind of long for a title, too? And… I don’t even…

I am bewildered, anon, but I’ll try my best.

Spin Me A Song (In The Shadows Of Death)

The ability to summon spirits is not a gift given lightly or often. Gods even rarer.

Shikako just wants to go home.

So, right from the outset I’m going to diverge from DoS Chapter 130. In the sense that, having been super traumatized by the events that took place in Land of Hot Springs, Shikako would VERY MUCH NOT LIKE TO GO BACK THERE, please and thank you.

So instead of having Heijomaru reverse the reverse summoning, Shikako travels through the Summon Realm in hopes of finding some of the other summon spirits that she is friendly with (Kakashi’s dogs, Sasuke’s hawks, Ino’s chameleons, Tsunade’s slugs, the other Nara clan summons etc. etc. Hell even Naruto and Jiraiya’s toads would be good though she has no idea where they are except for Not In Konoha, but as long as that is also Not In Land of Hot Springs then she’s okay with that too. If pushed she’d probably be okay with the cats of the Neko-baa in Soraku, though given the pawprint encyclopedia mission she’s probably persona non grata in their territory).

Um, yeah. I don’t know if this is canon/fanon/headcanon but are the summons spirits from a parallel plane that can’t die in our world? Like… any hit that would be lethal would just send them back to their realm. Is that just me? Have we seen summons die canonically? I know Gamabunta has a wicked scar over his eye but we don’t know what that’s from.

Anyway. I figure that while that pseudo-immortality works in the human world, in their own realm they’re as mortal as normal.

Why is that important?

Well, the summon realm is a dangerous place and not only for humans. There’s a reason why each species have their separate territories and that’s because they do not naturally co-habitate. So Shikako wanting to leave the deer territory and find her friends’ summons to be brought back to the human realm is a VERY RISKY UNDERTAKING. I… don’t think the deer will go with her.

Don’t get me wrong. She is their summoner (their only summoner, apparently) and they are fond of her and they did have a mutual vow of alliance. But I think that only covers the deer coming to Shikako’s aid in the human world. Heijomaru’s offer to go back to the place she was summoned from with her is his only offer. Her deciding to wander the summon realm for an alternative way home is not one that he can commit himself (as the leader of his herd) or any of his herd. They can actually legit die in this realm unlike the human world.

They do probably have some summon alliances with the species whose territory are near them but those aren’t any Shikako is familiar with. Alternatively, there’s huge swathes of unclaimed and thus unprotected land between established territories. The deer probably give her a map or at least directions to the listed above summon species and their territories, but it’s a long journey fraught with many dangers and, again, Heijomaru would prefer it if Daughter of the Forest not do something so reckless.

Heijomaru does not know Shikako very well yet.

So a journey of self-discovery, I suppose. Many moons ago, Shikako had been considering reverse summoning herself to figure out what her most compatible summon creature would be–though she took the path of least resistance and went for the already established contract with the deer.

Sure it’ll take a while. Might be dangerous. But so long as it’s not going back to that place of horror, Shikako doesn’t mind wandering around the Summon Realm for a while.

And hey:

Guess who else can be summoned?

That’s right, the Shinigami. 😀

I don’t actually think that Minato and the Sandaime–who both have other summons, anyway–went this route to get the ability/fuinjutsu sequence to summon it. But it is, according to the naruto wiki, apparently affiliated with the Uzumaki clan. So some enterprising Uzumaki clan member many maaaaaaaany moons ago apparently thought this was a good idea.

Maybe the fuinjutsu sequence that Minato and the Sandaime use are the equivalent of the single use summoning scroll that Sembei had to originally introduce Shikako to Heijomaru?

Anyway. The point is, Shikako meets the Shinigami in her quest to go home. Maybe they talk about godhood, maybe they don’t seeing as how traumatizing the last god she spoke to was.

~Spiritual journey~ (literally).

Aw man, I just realized Aoba had a summoning contract with crows right? Ravens? Well, Shikako definitely stumbles on them and there’s conflict/grieving/emotional reparations/closure.

@saltykrispycake RE: Manda… according to his wiki page the timing might have been that even though the death blow came from the human world (Deidara’s explosion) the actual time of death/receipt of injury could have been in the summon realm which is why Suigetsu had to summon Manda (and Sasuke inside Manda) to his location. I’m unsure though…

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