So the masterlist for the fandom fics (which are pretty great! I especially like Cloud’s sibling) but do you have a way to find your original fic back easily? A tag or something is fine, (I remember this great little short with the fairies you did) (I mean, I know most of what you do is some kind of loose bits of superhero/superpowered thing with enough sense of developed characters behind it that it reminds me of a non-grimdark sort of Worm Wildbow thing, but the fairy fic stuck with me.

Thanks nimmenstjer! I’m glad you like my writing (I’m also glad someone else besides me is fond of Windy Strife).

As you said, my original fic isn’t as organized as my fanfic so unless they’re deliberately part of a series (or about a particular character) then it’s kind of just a giant mess of unrelated posts vaguely set in the same overall universe.

But all of my original fic are tagged with “original fiction” (as opposed to all my fanfic and brainstorms of fanfic being tagged with “fanfiction” and all of my original nonfiction having “original nonfiction”) and I think the fairy ficlet that you might be thinking of is this one?

Hope this helps and thanks again for reading 🙂

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