Shikako & Itachi, Pre!Kako (if you’re familiar with it), ‘Miracle’

I had to do some reading on the forums for this one, anon, but to summarize pre!Kako ‘verse I’ll just go with the very basic idea of “Shikako is born six years early” and keep more in line with JJ1293’s ‘canon’.

So as of Part Seven, Shikako (Kinokawa, since Shikaku has been very firmly disowned and not taken back) and Itachi are the same age and have just graduated in their first year because ~prodigies~ and have been placed on Team 2 with Tenma Izumo.


Changing the world isn’t an easy task, but her existence is proof enough that it can be done.

Becoming friends with Itachi Uchiha? Now that’s going to need divine intervention.

Shikako and Itachi are actually quite civil with each other. But there is a distinct lack of social acuity from both of these prodigies and that’s not even including Shikako’s whole “in another world you literally murder your entire clan on the say so of a sociopath who your best friend/cousin told you not to trust? and then you torture your brother? but you’re supposedly a pacifist? like… wtf?”

That being said, I do think Shikako would be more hands on about changing Itachi’s life than she is with either Naruto or Sasuke because what’s the worst that can happen? He dies? Lol, okay, that’s one big bad out of the way. He kills his clan and defects from the village? Yeah, sure, that was going to happen anyway so she’s not exactly worse off.

I have a very definite feel that, given the title and all, in “Miracle” Shikako would actually push him towards being a medic nin. As a pacifist that just seems like the best way to capitalize on his genius without having him go full on serial killer, and I’m always going to be soooooo enamored with the idea of an Uchiha medic nin.


I do think Itachi would like the idea but not necessarily feel like he is allowed to given, you know, Uchiha clan heir, growing tensions in Konoha, lethal = stronger. And as a counterargument, Shikako probably references the dregs of the Senju vs Uchiha rivalry. You know, something like: Tsunade-sama was a frontline fighter and a medic, but if the Uchiha don’t think their prodigy can multitask as well as a Senju well, okay.

I mean, probably not that heavy handed (or maybe that heavy handed in front of Itachi, but he cleans it up before presenting the idea to Fugaku) but kind of leaning into that.

And I guess it would be a lot of… either back and forth POV or Itachi only POV. Because there’s a lot of things “Miracle” could be referencing: Shikako being reincarnated. Surviving the Kyuuubi rampage. Shikako becoming a shinobi even though “chakra hypersensitivity.” Not just one but TWO prodigies graduating in one year at the same time.

Preventing the Uchiha Massacre. Itachi becoming the Uchiha clan’s first medic nin and no doubt helping to revive Shikako after her numerous technical deaths. Changing the world through kindness and intelligence (and non-lethal violence).

I did also like Laural Rose’s idea of Pre!Kako ‘verse!Itachi being the only unblooded Kage (aka Kage that has never killed). Which would work pretty well with a combat medic Itachi, I think.

And I also also like how a medic Uchiha trying to match/surpass Tsunade would, if only a little bit, bring a spark to her own latent Senju vs Uchiha rivalry and kind of be like. This tiny brat thinks he can be as good as I can? Well put your money where your mouth is, you’re now Shizune #2! And Itachi won’t SAY that he’s ridiculously pleased by this outcome, but he is quite honored that a Sannin would think him worthy of an apprenticeship.

Which works nicely with Shikako’s own sort-of apprenticeship with “nope, not gonna help you, oh those corrections and notes in the margins of your fuinjutsu journal I have no idea how that got there” Jiraiya. And “Miracle” can also reference those no doubt IMPOSSIBLE seals Shikako comes up with.

Hm… So what I’m saying, anon, is that “Miracle” as I would write it would probably be a one shot with different scenes from this Pre!Kako, medic!Itachi world. Probably starting with Itachi’s Hokage coronation and working backwards through the snowball effect–jounin Shikako and Itachi taking out Akatsuki (or, at least, doing significant damage to them), chuunin Shikako and Itachi definitely-not-feeling-sad-about-being-separated-because-of-their-respective-apprenticeships-with-Sannin, the many missions in which Shikako ends up technically dead or Itachi kidnapped (for some reason? kidnappers always go for him first?) or Tenma exasperatedly trying to keep his tiny teammates out of the clutches of creepy adults, etc. etc, all going back to that first moment when Shikako looked at Itachi and thought “I have to save this dumbass from his terribad life choices” that maybe she could make the world a better place.

Who is the Miracle? What is the Miracle? I dunno, that’d be up to the readers, ultimately.

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