Oooh, maybe Lee’d have a rockruff? Because according to the Pokedex they need a dedicated trainer because the closer to evolution they get, the rougher and roudier they get? And then he’d have a midday lycanroc post-timeskip because they’re really fast & loyal?




Hm… while I am fond of the Lee and Rockruff parallels (and the pun), I actually would rather lean into more of a taijutsu-only equivalent team for him. Meaning only Normal and Fighting types for Lee.

Neji and TenTen would also have Fighting types, but Neji would have a few Psychic types (which parallels the Byakugan sort of an the idea that even though Lee is faster than god, Neji consistently beats him) and TenTen a few steel types.

They would have Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, and Hitmonchan respectively–their Tyrogues were gifts from Gai-sensei.

Now that I think of it some more, I do kind of like Lee having an unevolved Eevee on his team as per @to-someplace-else’s suggestion. Because there’s something very sweet about Lee accepting his Eevee the way it is and not pressuring it into changing itself one way or another. But, of course, if it wants to evolve, he won’t stop it! But what he wants is for it to be happy. (And, also, Green’s Eevee is so powerful. So majestic and fluffy)

Which I guess brings us to the next point with Shikako’s Deerling. And I suppose the problem there is that I’m not sure why the Deerling wouldn’t want to evolve? In comparison to Eevee evolving into a different Type entirely (generally dictated by the trainer and what kind of team they’re trying to form) or a Pikachu evolving into a Raichu which needs a Thunder stone, as far as I can tell Deerling’s evolution into Sawsbuck is just a level cap.

And it’s a natural (or, at least, simple) process for the Deerling line to evolve into Sawsbuck. It’s basically puberty turning from a child into an adult. Whereas Eeveelutions and Pikachu turning into Raichu are more deliberate, like a medical undertaking…

Is there any benefit to preventing a Deerling’s evolution? More specifically, in this world of shinobi-trainers why would Shikako deliberately hamper her Pokemon’s growth with an everstone? She needs to be battle ready, and a Deerling doesn’t have anything over a Sawsbuck–unlike (and I don’t know if this is game canon or just cartoon canon) Pikachu being faster than Raichu.

That’s true… the only Pokemon whose evolution timing I’m set on is when Sasuke’s Pawniard turns into a Bisharp which I vaguely mentally planned out to be around the equivalent of the Sasuke Retrieval arc. Because ~loyalty~ to village and that’s thereabouts when Sasuke decided friendship was more important than vengeance. Like he is a person and not a weapon (and therefore his Pawniard is also not a weapon)

Pawniard evolves into Bisharp at level 52 which actually seems kind of high… Then again, Pawniard is his third Pokemon and the most strictly offense on his team (in comparison to Talonflame, Cubone, and Lunatone) so I suppose it’s not too out there to think maybe he focussed more on levelling up Pawniard in comparison to the others?

At that point in time he would only have had five Pokemon, and his Shinx/Luxio only for a short while so…

In comparison Shikako might be more the kind of trainer to level up her entire team equally instead of focusing on a few. So there could be some hand waving over the discrepancies there.



Ooh! Is that how it works? I only vaguely know about this phenomenon because, weirdly enough, even though I love Pokemon I’ve never had a handheld to actually play the games (my mother was taken with the deeply religious Pokemon = demons idea even though she literally did not care about any other media I consumed up to and including 1) Teen Titans in which one of the characters is literally a daughter of a demon, 2) Adult Swim–more specifically, Adult Swim’s awful dubs of various gore filled anime which itself included Inuyasha which has actual literal demons, and 3) I can’t really think of another demonic show I watched as a child that is more literal than those two but yeah).

So I know that there are some moves that certain Pokemon cannot learn, but I didn’t know it was so specific as to be different within the same evolutionary line. I figured a Dragonite could learn anything a Dratini could, basically, but I suppose if there are some moves that are only for a Dratini and then you grandfather those moves into your evolved form that would be a skill over power. That makes sense now.

And I suppose in a more tangible way, evolving comes along with literal changes in body size and stuff so maybe it’s more accepted to hold off on evolutions until you’re able to block out a few weeks of training to get accustomed to your Pokemon’s new form. Thanks, anon!

edit: Okay so @jickysilver explained some stuff to me regarding movesets for Deerling and Sawsbuck such that not evolving Deerling makes a lot more sense to me:

Basically, there aren’t Deerling-only moves, but certain moves a Deerling can learn at a much lower level than a Sawsbuck. For example, Solar Beam can be learned by Deerling at level 51 whereas Sawsbuck learns it at level 60.

And the idea of a tiny twelve year old and her equally tiny Deerling throwing around Solar Beams is hilarious. Element of surprise. 😀 No one expects a Deerling to freaking know Solar Beam!

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