Team seven is kind of team nightmare. Beyond miss living shadow the facehugger the deathless who kills ruthlessly while being from treehuggerville, you got the living human sacrifice powerhouse possessed by the most destructive of tailed beasts whose very chakra is corrosive, who has an uncanny resemblance to Minato of mass destruction, Sai who does not human, and treeman like 1st hokage. “Face him and lose” Kakashi and “my revenge>your life” Sasuke are pretty normal, compared.

Oh, god, yeah pretty much! The most recent chapter is just… a lesser shinobi than Neji (and, let’s be real, many shinobi are lesser than Neji) would have screamed when a flying cloud of shadowy death flew towards their face.

I screamed when I was reading it, and I’m not even there.

Obviously any team that Kakashi “casually invents an one hit kill jutsu as a teenager” Hatake got his hands on would be a bunch of over powered juggernauts. I mean, not even considering Team Seven’s respective backgrounds. No wonder Yamato/Tenzou is constantly exhausted if that’s what he had to put up with.

And Sai, oh that poor sweet baby has no idea what befriending Team Seven will do to him. He can’t even human properly and now he’s being thrown into the deep end with a bunch of weirdos. It’s like Aggressive Friendship 101… except maybe not 101, because that would imply its an introductory course. There is no introductory course. In the Game of Friendship you play to win or you die. >:D

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