I can kind of see passing down jutsu = passing down pokemons? I was looking at Sasuke’s Luxio, and I just got a specific Chidori vibe from it. I mean, not everyone’s going to get a Luxio/Shinx, so I guess it’s more like exclusive move tutoring? (Which is kind of cool, cause that means you’ll have ninjas creating moves, aka different combinations/techniques of pkmn abilities (Shikako tinkering with this is cool af to think about)). I love Arm in Arm, by the way! <3

Thanks! 🙂

Luxio/Shinx was definitely meant to be Sasuke’s version of Chidori, but I kind of figured it was more Kakashi brought him to where the Shinx were and it was up to Sasuke to catch it.

Because Kakashi is very hands off like that.

And I kind of figured, since Shinx evolves into Luxio pretty early, then that level up would during the Paw Print Encyclopedia mission which isn’t too long after the Konoha Chuunin Exams and kind of has a thematic “Sasuke gets (some) closure on the matter of Itachi via cats”

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