In regards to “Arm in Arm,” you said something about the sun, the moon, and the star? Obviously the sun is Solrock (Naruto) and the moon is Lunatone (Sasuke) but I was wondering- The star is obviously Shikako, but is it supposed to be Minior?

Oh, the star is meant to be Staryu. I guess I ought to have properly linked the post with my Team Seven Pokemon team headcanon…

Like, I know it’s not really part of the set, and it’s not even Rock type, but I thought that it still had a nice celestial body vibe to it and, early on, she did use to do that water chakra technique in the training grounds so water type works out nicely. And the red gem in the middle had a nice Gelel stone feel to it even though that is Sableye’s role… but Minior is a nice choice too!

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