Walking Around (the Sakako Uchiha ‘verse) — now on ao3!



Since apparently Walking Around (Like Regular People)–or at least that particular spinoff universe–is no longer a one shot, I’ve made an ao3 series to collect the two current installments and any future installments.

Part 1 aka the actual Walking Around (Like Regular People) (+outsider!POV) will still be Chapter 13 of Dreaming One Shots, so I don’t delete the comments, but Walking Around (Sharing the World) is now a separate work and Part 2 of the series.

Check it out here!

Part 3 – Walking Around (Glancing Through Windows) is up on ao3.

Check it out here!

Part 4 – Walking Around (Diamonds and Spades)


Part 5 – Walking Around (On Silent Feet)

are both up on ao3

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