Man, I’m thinking about Sakako coming across old spirits/ghosts and going off their mission agenda to help them pass on in peace, whether it’s to help them see someone they’ve been waiting for, or help with completing a quest/mission they couldn’t do while they were alive, etc. Basically a Natsume Yuujinchou -eque thing, if you’ve ever seen it. (If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It’s a very good series. Made me cry once or twice)


I love Natsume Yuujinchou! (I mostly read the manga, but the anime is very sweet too).

I do think she helps out when she can, but she doesn’t go out of her way necessarily to help ghosts move on. I am thinking that at least one mission does revolve around her helping some noble’s ghost ancestor move on, and that would be when the differences in civilian’s opinion of mediums and shinobi’s opinion gets discussed.

Shinobi are more afraid of mediums, I think, than civilians weirdly enough. For civilians its the equivalent of a priest/priestess having a greater connection to the spiritual world. For shinobi it’s a person who has access to abilities/knowledge that they cannot control.

So, yeah, ironically enough Sakako is more frightening to shinobi than to civilians.

I do also think as the Uchiha heiress she’s been helping the ghosts of the clan move on–and there’d be an emotionally charged arc in which, once the rest of the clan has moved on, Sakako has to say goodbye to Itachi-oji because he thinks its time for him to move on as well. Of course, there’s probably a bit where Sakako uses her ability on Sasuke so he can say goodbye to Itachi, conflicted as his feelings on that may be. T_T

I mean, it’s not unprecedented, anon. Shikako already has three ghost related missions on her record (even though one of them was more a Scooby-Doo-esque who is behind the mask caper) and she doesn’t even have the ability to see ghosts so…

I don’t know if she can see other spirits though… I mean, ghosts of dead humans are one thing, but I don’t know if Sakako’s abilities extend as far as Natusme’s…

And I also feel like ghosts are limited in their range of movement as opposed to spirits. Like… spirits are free to come and go wherever they please, pretty much, but I think ghosts probably have to stick to the specific place/person/item that they’re “haunting.”

I think a significant chunk of Uzushio’s fallen population probably piggy-back off of Kareru and benignly haunt him so they can see more of the world than just their ruined home… Probably Minato and Kushina switch between benignly haunting Naruto and their grandchildren (and probably enjoy conversations with the other ghosts from Uzushio that they come across).

… anyway… I don’t think the ghosts can specifically seek her out to help, but maybe whenever they notice she can see them they call out to her and ask if she can help them. Or maybe if she’s on a mission, they’ll help her so long as she helps them in return…

Or maybe, in Lucky Seven tradition, whenever her team goes to the admin building for a mission she always ends up with one that has a ghost involved. Yes, even the D-ranks. And she’s not even the one picking them? Literally one time Konohamaru-sensei just closed his eyes and pointed and that mission ended up with three different ghosts so…

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