Not sure if you follow it, but there was a recent spate of ‘Shikako and Kankurou have a theatre war’ headcanons/ficlets over on the forum (and I think I remember you expressing something about them and The Arts at some point…)



Oh reeeeeeaaaaaally? Sounds like fun, anon, thanks for letting me know. I’ll check it out!

Well, my head canon regarding Shikako and Kankurou’s relationship is greatly based on their canonical theater war during the Land of the Moon arc. And how, even though Shikako would really very much like not to be on stage, she somehow ends up there and how hilarious Kankurou finds it.

Shikako is very accepting of Kankurou’s not-so-Inner Theater Nerd. It’s not as if others discourage him or anything–because the Puppet Corps are a key part of Suna’s culture and military–but I wonder how many support his passion outside of battle puppets.

And, also, all the weird shit that happens to Shikako is very good source material for his future play.

I think, given Killer Bee, that rap already exists in Lightning Country to some extent that Shikako wouldn’t be the one to come up with rap musicals. Especially with… okay, don’t get me wrong, I love Hamilton, but I don’t think Shikako would bring that into the Naruto world even if she knew it (seeing as how the timing of when SQ began the story doesn’t match up)?

It’s very much so based in Our World, and even though it has seen success internationally, Hamilton is still the story about the American Revolution and that’s very… Hamilton is sensational, but it’s not a story that can easily be told in the Naruto World. And if rap originates from Lightning Country, then surely there are already (or at least the foundation for) epic stories told in rap form? Shikako doesn’t really need to be involved in the process.

I love Galavant, too! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Galavant, I think, would be easier for her to “translate” in the Naruto World, but I have to wonder if she even would? Or, rather, if she would be more involved than telling someone else about the idea and then passing the responsibility onto that person instead.

All we have in canon to base this on is that time she told Sai about Sailor Moon, and it was very much so a one to one kind of experience. I myself have expounded on that idea with Dreaming of S(tories) in that she performs impromptu shadow puppet shows for the kids of Sand and one of the stories is a remake of Little Red Riding Hood called Akako and the Wolf. But that’s still a very small informal experience. Anything bigger, as seen with the theater battle against Kankurou, and she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Sorry, @kristinaxx0, I didn’t mean to rain on your parade per se. I suppose if you mean produce in the same way film producers invest in the idea and have the director take over, then yes I can definitely see Shikako doing that (especially if it’s Sai because she supports him doing anything that isn’t ROOT).

Oooooh, okay. Sorry! I just read the post now so I didn’t understand that Hamilton had been brought up already… as “Hashirama” which is fantastic. 😀

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