I saw this in an old post on the forums, and I thought it was interesting: Shikako moves out & buys a sorta big house that’s like a psuedo-Team 7 HQ, haha. Seeing as Sasuke and Naruto lived in apartments for much of their lives, it’s a kind upgrade. Maybe they pooled their mission money together. Kakashi crashes from time to time. (Maybe this is post-plot?)

😀 Thanks for the prompt, anon.

I feel like this would work best if it just kind of happened accidentally. Like…

So with the impending birth of the third Nara child, Shikako moves out of her childhood bedroom. And, see, technically she only moves to the downstairs room, but maybe she doesn’t totally unpack the boxes. Maybe it’s just more like storage and a place to sleep since she’s going on missions and training trips more and more frequently.

And then, as resident mad scientist, she realizes she probably oughtn’t experiment with her more destructive seals in the house with an untrained baby. Also, she loves her new sibling, but baby Nara is not the sleepiest of babies and also a very loud crier.

Thus, she gets a lab/workshop.

Because the Clan Head’s house–while not ostentatious–is pretty much in the center of the Nara Clan compound and not exactly the best place to be experimenting with field seals. And it’s not as if the Nara are unfamiliar with having lab/workshops away from the main part of the compound. Maybe for feels, the lab/workshop is a gift from Shikaku (and it was once her uncle’s, because Ikoma also had a penchant for somewhat destructive experimentation).

And it’s a fairly out of the way lab/workshop–for somewhat obvious reasons–and it’s also kind of big. Not ludicrously so, but it’s medium warehouse size. She doesn’t need much in the way of equipment and such–unlike the other labs which are specialized medicine–so this workshop is mostly empty. She gets a desk, sets up a blast area. Maybe she puts a futon in for those times that she just kinda gets into a groove and doesn’t want to make the trip back home for sleep when she’s just going to come back.

And I don’t know if this is fanon or canon, but doesn’t Naruto live in a really shitty apartment? Probably one that had been subsidized by the Sandaime in his poor attempt to do right by him, except hey guess what? Sandaime is dead now and Tsunade doesn’t know about all the little projects he was doing and Naruto disappears for three years. That apartment? The landlord probably isn’t going to maintain that for Naruto.

So when Naruto comes back from the time skip–no apartment, probably. And it just kind of makes the most sense for him to crash at Shikako’s workshop for a bit? It’s habitable and she’s not always there, really, and there’s more than enough space. Plus, I think he’d prefer to live at the workshop than impose directly on her family.

Maybe Sasuke feels left out. Or maybe there’s some legit renovation going on in the Uchiha district and he needs a place to stay, too. Or maybe they just invite him after a team dinner and it’s an extended sleepover that basically never ends.

Sasuke brings in furniture and such, better appliances and cookware and stuff, but Naruto is the one to make everything homey what with house plants and wall art and such. Shikako looks up one day and realizes her workshop has become an actual home.

Kakashi does show up like the stray cat he is. It’s one of his favorite places to hide from Tsunade-sama (and Sakura, now that she’s basically become Team Seven’s personal physician what with the Sharingan miracle cure and all) and there’s a couple of dog bods in a corner for whichever of his summons want to hang out in the people world.

It’s not really squatting, since the Nara Clan own the workshop and they’re not likely to argue with what the clan head’s daughter is up to especially since she’s producing more and more seals (and no one has to worry about her dying of malnutrition with her team living with her and feeding her).

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