Hope you don’t mind more prompts. I’d love to see any more Shikasuke? <3 Maybe in some kind of festive setting, maybe they're trying to work/spy/fight/dance-off, haha I'm not sure.

Okay, anon, so in my somewhat feverish state I’ve pondered your prompt and while I do like the idea I’ve come up with I also don’t quite know how to fill it. And part of me feels like this could very well mimic something in canon, as in, maybe it has yet to happen and I don’t want to presume, so I guess what I’m saying is, here’s a brainstorm:

The Fire Daimyo’s heir is getting married and, as heirs to Noble Clans themselves, Chiyako(+Shino), Chouji, Hinata(+Hanabi), and Sasuke are expected to attend. In part to “renew ties amongst all of the noble clans of the Land of Fire” but also, implied, to show off the eligible nobles and create some arranged marriages.

Unsurprisingly, the above listed heirs are not pleased with the second possibility. Luckily, as nobility, they are allowed to bring servants, “bodyguards” and, in the most desperate situation, “fiancees.” Guess who has the most desperate situation? 😀

Chouji obviously has Ino and Shikamaru as heirs to the Akimichi’s vassal clans and the Akimichi, I imagine, frequently intermarries with the non-shinobi nobility enough that he’s fairly safe for now. He might actually be in line for the throne (so to speak) if rather distantly.

Chiyako and Hanabi are both too young to be involved in the more aggressive match-making attempts, whereas Hinata and Shino have the benefit of being trained by older members of their clan to avoid marriage proposals (either getting or receiving).

Sasuke should have had the same except… well, you know. And while the Nara family is pseudo-adopting him now, they themselves aren’t Noble Clans and the Akimichi’s stance was to marry into the daimyo’s line so… not exactly applicable.

So how does anyone in fanfiction avoid arranged marriages? By “already having a fiancee” of course! Heck, yeah, I’d want to throw in some “fake engagement” into this prompt.

So of course, with that kind of set up, the Konoha Twelve/Thirteen go to the capitol with three main goals:

1) honor the summons that the wedding invitations implies and display the strength of Konoha to reassure the daimyo in these upcoming times of trouble
2) avoid arranged marriages
3) political espionage / cultivate more clients for the village

And, of course, things cannot be easy with all/most of the Konoha Thirteen along so it turns out there is something going down (maybe they sniff out some possible treasonous nobility who are making a deal with Cloud nin in order to take out the happy couple?) meanwhile Sasuke and Shikako have to play the part of happy couple themselves (and resist falling in love with each other only to find out that it’s too late to avoid doing so).

There very likely is, as per usual in an action romcom, a dancing scene where, in order to get closer to the suspected traitors, Sasuke and Shikako have to join in the dancing only to get ~mesmerized by each other~ and miss the traitorous exchange entirely. Luckily, some of the other members of the team catch it and it’s all okay.

While trying to hide the political espionage from the daimyo (but not the Twelve Guardians who know but are neither helping or harming their mission, in the same way separate agencies are meant to function) of course they make a giant scene but the nobility being very much like Prince Michiru are somewhat obliviously charmed by it and it becomes a new tradition/fashion trend/dance craze?

And, of course, at the end Sasuke and Shikako realize that, hey, why don’t we try going out for real?


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