Aaahhh!! So that’s what was happening, stupid undetectable genjutsu! Someone save Shikako! Or she can save herself, but, the point is Shikako needs to be saved. Hurrgh, suspense is not good for my heart.

@donapoetrypassion: Ooh- this is awesome! Is this the final one, or is there another after this? (I see how it CAN end here, but I’m so intrigued. Was she hit by Danzo’s undetectable mind-control genjutsu and has the ghost of Sai’s brother been helping her fight it? ‘Dark, then light,’ also sounds very much like a reaction similar to the one Shikako had in Yakumo’s genjutu, when Shikako just started splitting apart.) But mostly, I found the ‘killing all your friends’ imagery so creepy- whats she been doing in rl?

😀 Not to worry, Danzo does not win.

Lies Beyond The Morning is complete as is, but maybe I’ll come back to this universe? Or do a post-script type thing? Not sure of what, though, it’s just sort of my take on how Shikako might react to the Kotoamatsukami–especially given how much anti-Tsukuyomi techniques she/her family have developed (including, as you mentioned, her shadow splitting).

Thanks! I really aimed for creepy during the killing all her friends part 🙂 Luckily, what she does mentally is not reflected into reality. Actually, I’m pretty sure IRL Shikako and Danzo are just staring at each other awkwardly? Because time is wonky in mental space so probably all of the events takes place in a matter of seconds/minutes.

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