NejiKako is so good for the soul.<3 (Can we make some crazy shipping names for these DOS ships akin to the Pokemon fandom's ship names? Like, Sweet Sunshine for NaruKako, etc etc (that was so bad, i'm so bad at this haha))



😀 Thanks! My multi-shipping heart greatly appreciates the exercise, so…

I both do and don’t enjoy particularly flowery ship names–because on the one hand, it’s a nice way to describe your ship and it tends to also create and easy aspect that explains why shippers would ship such a thing. But on the other, unless you have a massive glossary explaining which is which, it’s really freaking hard to figure out what ship you are reading and for some people who are not multi-shippers, that can be a disaster. I mean, even as a multi-shipper, I like to know going into a story what I’m reading you know? Yu-Gi-Oh was so difficult for me to navigate, I swear to god.

That being said, I always figured that the “Sunshine” moniker was for Naruto. (And I kind of assume that Shikako is Stars and Sasuke is Moon just to complete the set of celestial bodies). So “Caged Sunshine” would translate to me as more of a Neji/Naruto ship? And “Sweet Sunshine” would be… Anko/Naruto?

I guess for this story, I’d want something that not only reflects the Shikako/Neji ship but also the fact that it’s Hana’s POV? Maybe some kind of scent/smell pun…

edit: Ooh, just spotted it now! @the-grand-gemini​ suggested “Hide and Seek” I think I’m going to tweak it a bit and make it “Hiding and Seeking.” Thanks for the suggestion 😀

Ooh, okay. See I always interpreted the title as Shikako’s POV of Naruto (the series) which is about Naruto the character, so “Sunshine” is Naruto and “Dreaming” is Shikako. So with Neji as the “Caged Bird” I’d probably do something like: 

“Caged Sunshine” is Neji/Naruto because what a relationship between them would be built on is, most likely, the whole “we both of seals and our lives suck but Naruto has remained optimistic/determined and Neji wants to do the same” so the Cage is in reference to their seals and the Sunshine is, yes, reference to Naruto but also the change Naruto’s Therapy-no-jutsu had in Neji’s life.

Shikako/Neji I’d flip it around and do “Dreams of Flight” or something like that since, as I interpret a Shikako/Neji relationship, it would be about the both of them ‘breaking free’ of expectations and oppression. I don’t think there would ever be a Shikako/Neji relationship where, unless Neji specifically asked her not to for some reason, Shikako wouldn’t eventually work on trying to remove the Caged Bird seal. It’s less about accepting the hand they’ve been dealt and more about saying, “no, fuck you, I’m not going to follow your rules.”

So Dreams is reference to Shikako, but also to the hope that Neji would have to change his fate, and Flight is both a freedom thing and about how a relationship between the two of them is more… I don’t know how to say this… verb-y? than some of my interpretations for other ships. Like there’s a sense of, they’re both going to achieve great heights together, or they’re going to plummet to the ground.

This is way more thought than I put into some of my other titles. If I could retroactively rename Dreaming of S(omething) without it being a total pain of tag hunting, I probably would. I mean I hadn’t consciously acknowledged this is what I do, but now that I think of it, I suppose this explains the more recent series like “Waking Up Starstruck” (Naruto/Shikako) and “Stars Also Dream” (Yoshino-centric but with the theme that Yoshino is more like her daughter, or vice versa, than anyone realizes).

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