i love your drabbles!! will shikako find a way back to her original universe, or will someone (cough team 7 cough) reach through time and alternate dimensions to get her back?? wonder how minato’s team 7 will react then… or is shikako stuck for good?

Gambling Away The Past was one of my earliest DoS recursive fic, so I hadn’t really thought it completely through because… well… no one had asked then, I guess.

I think, in comparison to Semi-Phenomenal Nearly Cosmic–wherein Tobirama summons Shikako and it turns out that she was meant to time travel because there’s ultimately only one timeline–Gambling Away The Past is definitely a different timeline. Is it an alternate dimension? I’m not sure…

Because having Shikako think about paradoxes at some point is kind of cool.
By saving Obito, did she completely rewrite her timeline and thus there is no future for her to return to? Or does the universe self-correct and anyone who is fated to die will die even if it’s not in the same set of circumstances?

Or by acting, did she create a new branch/dimension–and, if so, is it even possible to travel between dimensions? Like… maybe going back was just a time thing, but if she tries to go forward she’s stuck in this particular branch. Whereas to get back to her version of Konoha she’ll have to go forward and diagonal somehow.

Like a train on a track,
lever switching rails,
once she’s passed the intersection,
is it possible to jump across?

But, poetry aside, I have no idea what I’m doing with Gambling Away The Past.

To that end, I’m not if anyone can get her. Either they don’t know she’s gone, or if they do know they don’t have the skill/ability to get her. She probably only accidentally did the time travel, so for someone else to figure out time travel and dimension travel on purpose seems… unlikely?

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