Gambling Away The Past, 7/? (2016-12-11)

She’s never been one to sit back and let things happen. Not when acting meant hope and the alternate meant nothing but regret and despair. She may fail, but she may also succeed, and isn’t that chance worth it?

Oddly enough, for this situation, the best choice of action might be to actually not.

Or, rather, she’s already acted and now she just needs to monitor the consequences.

Obito’s grin falters for a moment, turns into an expression of confusion not unlike Naruto’s until she explains something and it clicks.

And perhaps that’s the strategy she should take here: supporting doesn’t mean interfering, and it’s a far step better than just passively watching.

He’s as much a blank slate as she is, he just doesn’t know it.

“Sorry,” she says, for the silence gone taught and long, frantically trying to think of something else to say, “… what’s something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t?”

Obito’s smile returns, bright and blinding.

Kakashi and Rin, following the sounds of laughter and cheering, find their teammates holding an impromptu play.

Shikako’s voice threads through the noise, “And then the princess turned into…”

“… a bear!” Obito chimes in, “Who wandered the lands, searching for…”

“… the famous magician of the forest.” it switches back to Shikako, and as they approach the see what’s happening. Obito creating a steady flame in his hand, casting a large shadow against the side of a huge tent which Shikako manipulates from her seat. At the moment, the silhouette of a bear lumbers between trees, approaching a tower.

“The magician was rumored to perform any magic in exchange for…”

“… meat!” One of the audience members yells out, the rest begin to laugh. Shikako obligingly makes the shape of a cow which comically keels over.

“How fun!” Rin cheers, winding her way to sit beside Shikako, the chuunin already there scooting over to make room.

Kakashi, unsurprisingly, hangs back, turning to the spectator next to him and asking, “They’re not being a nuisance, are they?” He is team leader, responsible for any trouble the rest might make.

“Hardly,” the man says, “There’s not much to do here when you’re off-duty. This is the most entertaining thing that’s happened in weeks.” He turns to look at him about to continue before a familiar something shutters in his eyes and he goes silent once more.

Kakashi considers leaving–there aren’t any more free bunks inside the outpost, but the jounin in charge offered a tent big enough for four, and it is late–but then he hears,


His team waves him over, even Obito, which makes the flames flicker wildly.

Some of the audience look tense, recognizing him, but for the most part they remain congenial, parting so he can get to his team.

Well, he is responsible for them.


A/N: … :/ … unsure where I’m going here…

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