😀 ~Thaaaaaanks~

I’ll admit 1000th post isn’t entirely accurate since I do have a number of announcements/missed posts/review responses which oughtn’t be counted with content posts, but that’s too hard calculate so post counter on the side it is.

I started this blog as a New Year’s resolution for 2015, and given we’re soon approaching 2017 and I’m still committed, I have to say I’m quite proud of myself. But I couldn’t do it without my followers–and I don’t mean this facetiously–it’s true I do mostly write as a way to express myself, but I also do know that this blog wouldn’t be nearly as prolific or enjoyable without the feedback I get from everyone. A lot of my fic writing are prompts sent in, as well as the brainstorms/rants that help me develop outlines or headcanons.

So thank you again, everyone, for reading and being a vital part of this blog 🙂

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