Language in YOI

I’M STILL RIDING THE EMOTIONAL HIGH OF YURI!!! ON ICE EPISODE TEN, AND I’M TECHNICALLY ONLY FANDOM ADJACENT (I prefer watching things in one long binge session, but I still love watching the fandom’s reactions to episodes as they come out. Spoilers are not really a concern for me).

I am also absolutely in love with all of the analyses of the series post ep 10 plot twist (especially @tumblngkori‘s analyses of the series from Victor’s POV) now that we know the full story. I’m not sure if someone’s already brought this up but and this is just me being a dork who can’t find the right post, but…

I was wondering if anyone had perhaps analyzed the series with the matter of language during everything? Like, obviously, most everything is said in Japanese because that’s who the target audience is, but I wonder how much would be in what language if it were IRL. English is probably used most during the group scenes, but what do Yuuri and Victor use between them? Japanese? Russian? Some amalgamation of the three?

Especially consider Yuuri’s drunken state at the banquet? Maybe the only part Victor literally understood was “Be my coach, Victor” at the end in English and the rest of it was in drunkenly slurred Japanese.


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