Frozen Fountains via ckylptyrasculpture

Once Then Always, Prologue (2016-12-01)

(At the heart of winter is one truth: not even death can stop a memory.)

Snow falls, continuously, eternally. Thick, cloying flakes collecting heavily on hibernating trees.

There has not been any other weather for so long, no sunshine to melt the ice, the entire world in stark white and somber grays.

No creatures dare brave beyond their burrows for long, risking more than just the cold and hypothermia. For if they intrude on Her perfect world, they may find themselves drawing undue attention.

Outside her castle of sharp towers–edged in icicles and cruel stone, metal so frozen it burns at a heedless touch–a crowd of such fools stand.

The Lions, first, those made in the image of Aslan, the only one who might threaten Her reign. Talking or silent, majestic or cowardly, trapped before they could unsheathe their claws.

Then, oddly, the denizens of the rivers and sea–the hippocampi, naiads and nereids both–caught before they could escape Her lands. Waves stopped mid crest, movement halted, faces immortalized in desperation to flee.

By then most Narnians had begun to hide, a mad scramble to avoid her clutches. But the frost continued: dryads protecting their trees, unable or unwilling to leave them behind. The gryphons and eagles, too brave, too proud, grounded and caged in unforgiving ice.

And yet the thought remains through the years, whispered furtively from mother to cub:

Hope for spring to come again.


A/N: This is actually canon Chronicles of Narnia compliant, but I figured it’d be a nice opening to Once Then Always since just look at these pictures! Aren’t they nice?

And, well, frozen fountains seemed like a good way to thematically start off December.

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