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We were us, once, in the beginning. Not two, but halves of a whole, a set, together.

But now you are you and I am me and we are not always us. Now, sometimes, when you say we you don’t mean you and me. You mean you and them.

Them: a group without me. But not necessarily without you.

Once, that never crossed our minds.

Our and we and us. Oh, how things have changed.

Love is a choice. Blood is a fact. Affection is a feeling.

So is attraction.

Some choices are made for us, guided down this path. Family means coexisting, cooperation–love makes that easier, paves the way. Choices, function, together.

Affection makes love easy, too.

Attraction might… but it also might not.

Attraction starts in the eyes (the ears, the fingertips), settles in the heart, then lays siege to the mind.

I’ve seen it in the faces of people around you, the ones who lean toward you helplessly, flowers toward the sun.

Attraction is a force, magnets and gravity, unstoppable and universal.

Except, it seems, not for you.

I am not above attraction. Not that it is something lowly. It simply is, whether it is actually simple.

Like with other people, I can feel attraction. The curve of a smile, the sound of a voice, the heat between skin on skin.

In this, I am part of them. In this, we means me but not you.

In this, attraction is what sets us apart.


A/N: … I was trying a thing for filling this prompt, but it… kinda didn’t work as I wanted. So that prompt is still un-filled, but I didn’t want to just delete this… and, well, since it’s so vague as to be anyone, I guess this isn’t really DoS recursive fanfiction either? Urgh…

Post Word Count: 247, Running Word Count: 10438

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