I’m so angry right now??? I know you’re big on DoS stuff and I just went into the story’s reviews and saw some ridiculously nasty flame?? I need to be angry with someone?? I don’t know I’m not eloquent but it came from someone who is and I’m having a hard time saying why the flame is ridiculous and why I’m angry and I want to tell Silver Queen not to let it get to her but I don’t have an account so help please???

Well… the best way to contact Silver Queen regarding a flame would be to leave a review of your own? I’m pretty sure DoS still allows anonymous reviews. You can try something like “Hey SQ, don’t even mind that flamer, DoS is great. I especially love this part of this chapter when…”

I don’t know what else to say, anon, but when it comes to fanfic the best way to fight hate is with love. Writers will eventually get flames–I’ve gotten flames and I’m not even that particularly popular or prolific in comparison to SQ. So give her something else to think about instead. Write an in-depth review about what you liked about a chapter or the fic as a whole, those are always more memorable than a short “Love your fic, fuck that flamer, they don’t even know what they’re talking about,” because that will just bring attention back to the flame itself.

I mean, presumably you’re reading it off FF.net, right? Accounts are free there, it’s pretty easy to make one. So there’s a Private Messaging system on there if you want something more direct than a review. Most fic hosting sites have a way to flag comments either as spam or something like that, so you can try that as well? Or you can send a message over to @dosbysilverqueen, since SQ is also an admin there and at least its a little more direct than having me be middle man. I mean, I’ll still see it since I am the other admin, but jacksgreysays is my personal writing blog whereas dosbysilverqueen is specifically for DoS.

Not that I don’t appreciate being considered some kind of DoS shepherd or an embassy for DoS fans, but there were a lot of other ways to go about doing this anon.

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