I love your writing! What are your favorite soulmate AUs, if you have any? Or what other AUs are you weak for ;)

Thanks, anon! I’m glad you like my writing 🙂

Hm let’s see soulmate AUs I’m fond of…

I actually only recently learned of the “whatever is written on your soulmate shows up on your skin as well”!AU (aka the Protean Charm Soulmates!AU as I call it for brevity) but I really like how adaptable it is. Like, each relationship is different and this method of soulmate AU can reflect each unique relationship in turn.

Like, even without having other people involved, do the soulmates write to each other? If so, how often? Who writes more? Or, if not, why not? Is there a language/literacy barrier? Is one just naturally more reticent than others?

Other than that I’m also fond of the “first words”!AU and the “sting of fate”!AU for opposing reasons:

“First words”!AU just has a very strong sense of attention and fleeting–you and your soulmate WILL meet and this WILL be their first words to you, but you also have no idea who or when that will be so you always have to pay attention. For some people, the phrase will be something innocuous, for others it’ll be wild.

I also kind of want to explore the idea of blanks in this universe. Are they people without soulmates? Are they people who have soulmates but won’t meet them for reasons (perhaps they’re fated to die before they meet)? Are they people whose soulmates can’t speak? (And, for that matter, how is mutism/muteness treated in this universe?… though I’d be hesitant to broach this topic since I myself am not mute and wouldn’t want to appropriate a disability and no doubt misrepresent it for a fic)

Conversely in “string of fate”!AU, I like the solidity of it. Whether you go with the “everyone can see your string” or “only soulmates can see the string” versions of it. You have a string? You have a soulmate. No string? No soulmate. Very flat out.

You may not meet, but you have one and you even know in what vague direction they are. Maybe some people will be more proactive and search for their soulmate, follow the string. Maybe some people will let fate decide. Maybe some people can’t leave and find comfort in knowing their soulmate is out there, somewhere. Maybe some people don’t care.

As for other AUs… like… I’m assuming not established media such that it would be a crossover/fusion (which I’ve already gone over in length here)…

For epic fantasy/sci-fi worlds, I really like putting the characters into non-powered!AUs, especially. Well, actually, I guess technically this is established media, but a Notting Hill!AU? I encountered the AU in fandom before the realizing it was an actual movie, but basically it’s about a famous actor and a bookstore owner meeting and falling in love and the whole disparity between their worlds.

I once read a fic which expanded the movie further to include more characters in more roles, so it’s this balance between who is the actor, who is the bookstore owner, which characters fall on either side of the divide for the intents of the AU. For example, with a Shikako/Gaara version, that one’s pretty obvious–Gaara as the actor, Shikako as the bookstore owner, and the respective village lines falling into place. But for a Shikako/Sasuke version?

I mean, Shikako would still be the bookstore owner (because stage fright) but which characters are part of “Sasuke’s world” and which are part of Shikako’s. Where does Naruto go? Kakashi-sensei?

I’m also pretty fond of modern royalty!AU for the same celebrity vs common person disparity.

I also enjoy stuffing super powered people into office spaces–general corporate workers, or lawyers, or minor government positions (a la Parks and Rec)–because inter-office drama is hilarious when it’s fictional. As the apparent success of either versions of The Office can attest to. And, sure, you can set things on fire in your original world but not here, friend, not here.

Conversely “real world” criminals is kind of nice, but with less emphasis on the crime and more on the team building (a la Leverage).

Ooh, okay, last one anon because I realize how rambly I’ve gotten: The florist and tattoo artist!AU, but the version where you swap the “obvious” designations. That one is so fantastic! I mean, I know not very much about either occupations, but I’ve read some fantastic iterations and they’re just the best. The best. Can replace florist for baker, but yes. Excellent. 🙂

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