Shikako and Neji are a POWER COUPLE. A seriously scary power couple. (Nice ficlet by the way, really enjoyed it)

😀 Thanks, anon! They’re very much a different sort of couple than those I’ve already written, so scary power couple does sound about right.

It’s true, a Shikako/Neji ship doesn’t really translate to fluff. Like, at all. They both honed themselves into weapons and appreciate/respect the other as such to soften themselves, unlike with Gaara or Sasuke, who Shikako has actively tried to guide away from them thinking that way about themselves.

People who got hurt and scarred over, skin tougher and gnarled, but no less alive for having been injured once. Neji having to recover from his parent(s? He has no mother?) death as a child and carving out a life for himself under the shadow of the Hyuuga Clan’s hierarchy. Shikako constantly aware of the incoming shit storm and preparing herself for it.

Another reason why I’m so upset at Neji not surviving in canon (besides his life continuously sucking and the lack of justice, his and the Branch Family’s plight brushed under the rug with his death) is that we didn’t get to see how exactly he would adapt to peace time.

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