Shikako, canon!DoS, someone falls in love/gets a crush after Shikako saved them/their village & she’s so badass, then proceeds to make a song about Shikako that’s, like, reminiscent of Miss Jackson by P!atD (minus the sexual undertones lol). Shikako is surprised as it hits the top charts.

… I… what is this? Do you want me to write a song? Do I need to somehow establish how the music industry works in the Naruto world which has trains as high tech at one point and, somehow, laptops about two decades later all within three sentences? Is this Shikako reacting to the song about her, or the popularity of the song about her, or the fact that someone is apparently in love with her after she does a no doubt mostly run-of-the-mill village/country saving mission?

You’ve already written your three sentence fic, anon:

Shikako saves a village. One of the villagers falls in love with her and writes a song about her that becomes famous. Upon hearing that song, Shikako is surprised.

… did you maybe want to parse down and reword your prompt, anon, or try a different prompt entirely?

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