Based on FallTigerKisa’s fic, after fighting Kaguya and talking to the Sage of six farts and being revealed to be a Demigod, Shikako is STILL convinced its ‘nothing much’, and everyone’s ensuing reactions to that. Thanks!

I don’t think I can fill this anon because… I don’t understand this prompt. Are you prompting me for recursive fic of recursive fic? I don’t think I’ve even read that fic. I just–what?

Okay–this isn’t aimed at you specifically, anon, this is to all my readers in general–so:

Some of the prompts for the Three Sentence Fic Meme are getting kind of difficult to understand and they’re also, bewilderingly, getting longer. If I only have three sentences to fill your prompt, then it doesn’t make sense for you to send a prompt that is longer than three sentences. At that point you’ve already written your story so all I can do is try not to copy paste your prompt.

Again, it’d be super appreciated if prompts were in a more clear format like:

“Character(s)/Ship, AU or canon!DoS, theme/event/idea in less than ten words.”

For example: “Shikaara, modern royalty!AU, commemorative bobbleheads” or “Shikako & Kakashi, canon!DoS, Hokage!Kakashi assigns Shikako to be a jounin sensei.” Something like this, please, would be helpful. Obviously I’m not going to count your sweet reviews against you (which, thanks, I’m happy you all enjoy my writing).

I mean, I’m really glad everyone is so enthusiastic and participating, but it’s getting really confusing, and it’s beginning to feel like I’m spending more time trying to decipher prompts than I am actually filling them which is what I think we’re all here for.

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