I think of you dearly

What an old fashioned way to say it.

I think it’s sweet.

But vague, in modern terms.

Maybe instead.

Your hand fits in mine.

Our hands fit together?

Fingers, intertwined.

Trembling, we touch.

Though that could be,


Like fear, or disgust. Uncertainty.

Similar to hearts beating fast.

Pulse racing, face flushing.

Blood and viscera.


Perhaps its too physical.

Go back into the cerebral.

Mind filled with nothing but you.

Obsessive, dangerous, one-sided.

I see you in my dreams.

But dreams are just random firings.

Last night, I was a zebra.

Fighting off pirates with lasers.

Promises. Always and forever.

Until impossibilities end the world.

Infinite universes,

Can make anything happen.

Or maybe it’s too specific.

Fact, more than opinion.

A classic that has survived.

Think dearly of me.

jacksgreyson, Untitled (2016-10-27)

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