Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 2/? (2016-10-24)


(1 – anonymous – Naruto/Shikako, any soulmate!AU)

Not one day after the worst of Yoshino’s life–the Kyuubi rampaging through Konoha, the eerie silence of her daughter, sitting amongst the other evacuated citizens and praying for her husband’s safety–she gets another scare.

Her gasp is quiet, but her terrified flare of chakra is sharp, and Shikaku comes running to the nursery immediately.

On the changing table is their half-dressed daughter, belly bared, a swirling array of seals painted on her skin.


(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, rockstar and muse!AU)

Where Temari shines bright and Kankurou builds rapport, magazines like to play up Gaara’s reputation instead, the brooding bad boy of the famous Sand Trio.

They don’t know that he’s the one that writes the songs, don’t know that the reason he’s so quiet is because the lyrics already speak for him, don’t know who it is that he’s speaking to.

He goes home to a sharp-eyed, snarky scientist who isn’t much one for the performing arts, but still inspires his music, anyway.


(3 – anonymous – Team Seven, midnight grocery shopping)

Konoha is a ninja village, awake at all hours, and most businesses reflect that…

… but there is still something strange about standing in a grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, as if it were a liminal space on the edge of disappearing entirely.

“You’re not going to fit, dobe,” Sasuke says, interrupting Naruto from climbing into the basket beside an already back to sleep Shikako.

There’s an awkward moment where they run into Kakashi-sensei comparing eggplants, but the three of them eventually make it back to the apartment, snacks and instant ramen in hand.


(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Kiba, Danzo paranoia)

She’s shaking apart, enemies hidden everywhere, traces of conspiracy and tangled webs–it’s too much, she’s so tired.

She needs something he can’t ruin, something he hasn’t already hooked his claws into, ready to tear it apart.

An arm around her shoulders, and a snout pressed along her ribs; Inuzuka are loyal, honest, and ever so dangerous to those who aren’t theirs.


(5 – anonymous – Nara Twins, home)

It’s little things, at first: different missions, different stories–on their birthday, he’s out of the village, the first they’ve ever been apart for.

Then it’s not so little things: secrets and snarling arguments, the room next to his repurposed for a nursery.

One day, he knows, she’ll leave entirely.


A/N: For the soulmate AU I went with the “whatever is drawn on your soulmate’s skin also appears on yours” because… well… doesn’t it just work?

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